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Peachtree’s deepblue 2 on the way!

Peachtree Audio, manufacturer of high-performance audio products since 2007, is proud to announce that their campaign for the launch of deepblue2, the company’s “Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker”, has exceeded $200,000. The campaign reached its initial goal of $63,000 in just over an hour.

Launched on Monday, July 21, the campaign gave early backers the opportunity to

get deepblue2 for $249, a 50% savings from its expected $499 US retail price. Current backers are still able to get deepblue2 for $299, a 40% discount.

“We’re ecstatic about the response that deepblue2 has received,” said Andrew Clark, President of Peachtree Audio. “Our more than 600 backers include longtime Peachtree customers, as well as people from all over the world who are coming to the brand for the first time. It’s encouraging that more than 20% of our backers have chosen to receive multiple units, and we’re confident that our newly-added referral program will help introduce even more backers to our brand and products.”

Peachtree launched the original deepblue in 2013 to rave reviews from the media and customers alike. The unexpected closing of an OEM supplier forced Peachtree to discontinue the product shortly after the first production run.

Rather than give up on the concept of “Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker”, Peachtree went back to the drawing board determined to build a product that would play louder, produce deeper bass and have even better overall sound quality. The result is deepblue2, a more advanced and higher performance Bluetooth speaker in every way.
“Everybody loved the original deepblue,” said Jonathan Derda, Peachtree’s Ambassador of Awesome.  “The response to our Indiegogo campaign shows that there are a lot of people who want a simple, high-quality all-in-one speaker, and we’re confident they’ll love deepblue2.”

The campaign for deepblue2 went live July 21 and runs through August 22nd. Deepblue2 is expected to be available from select retailers and in late 2014 for $499.