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Focal XS Book goes wireless

Focal has just added Bluetooth APT-X Wireless capability to their award winning XS Book loudspeaker range, making a great compact speaker system even better – and certainly more versatile.

The XS Book Wireless allows wireless digital source transmission in a full range, user friendly pair of powered desktop monitor speakers that are equally at home with the desktop music lover and hobbyist music creator.

Equipped with an aluminum dome tweeter and 4-inch Polyglass woofer, these speakers have a wide bandwidth of 50hz – 22khz and can achieve a 97db SPL at one meter.  We are using a pair of these speakers in the TONEAudio studio to produce our upcoming video clips, so we can vouch for their high quality.

At $399 a pair, the XS Book Wireless is a perfect back to school gift, and comes with all the necessary cables you will need to integrate it into your system:  a 1.5m RCA cable, 1.5m extension cable, a 3.5mm jack going from computer to XS Book and a stylish carrying case.  Those not needing wireless functionality can achieve the same sound with the $299/pair XS Book system.