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Cary Audio’s New Hybrid Headphone Amplifier

Cary Audio has just introduced their HH-1 headphone amplifier, which is a hybrid design, offering the best performance of both tube and solid-state circuits where they can be utilized to their greatest advantage. Tubes make their best contribution to the overall sound when used in the input stage and they use a pair of 6DJ8 tubes (one per channel). The output stage is a single-ended current-sourced MOSFET working in Class A at all times.

As in all Cary Audio products, much thought has gone into the power supply, which has a major impact on the sound quality and reliability. In the HH-1, the power supply is fully regulated for lowest possible noise, including the power supply for the tube heaters, and it uses a high performance audio grade toroidal transformer.

Cary Audio president Billy Wright comments: “We realize how important excellent headphones are to many audiophiles, and made a concerted effort to develop a truly world-class headphone amplifier in a very compact form. By using the best qualities of both tubes and solid-state, we have come up with a dedicated headphone amplifier whose performance rivals that of our famous CAD-300SEI tube integrated amp, considered by many to be among the very best amplifiers in the world. We’re very excited to introduce this new headphone amplifier and establish Cary Audio as a leader in this new market.”

The American-made HH-1 hybrid headphone amplifier will begin shipping on July 30, 2012.

Weight:  10 lbs.

Dimensions:  14.5” L x 8.5” W x 4” H

Retail Price:  $1,595