This is NOT your Dad’s console stereo…

This is NOT your Dad's console stereo...

For those of you old enough to remember the big, console stereo systems that resided in our parents and grandparents living rooms, you know they pretty much sucked.  Except for a few that offered Dual turntables, most of them featured a tonearm not much unlike something from The Flintstones, and many even had a television built in.  Pale brownish, mauve-ish grill cloth abounded and they were full of vacuum tubes.  My Grandmother’s Magnavox even had a “magic eye” tube for signal strength in the tuner.  Ok, that was pretty cool.

The crack design team at Symbol Audio takes a different approach.  These music loving furniture designers have built a music system that looks right at home next to an Eames Lounge Chair, or poised proudly in a gallery of fine art.  And it sounds pretty damn good too.  We’ll have a full review early in 2013, but suffice to say the Symbol folks have put together all the right bits to create something truly special.

Handmade in their Nyack, NY factory, these consoles have an MSRP of $26,000.  Not for everyone, but those who make the investment will have an heirloom that will truly be cherished – and able to be handed down to the next generation, just like an Eames chair.

You can find out more here, at the Symbol Audio website.