Head-fi’ers in Portland

Head-fi'ers in Portland

Staff writer Marc Phillips and I headed down to the Portland Athletic Club to see the new goodies from ALO Audio’s Ken Ball and check out what the local chapter of Head-Fi’ers were up to.  It was somewhat odd walking past the rows of workout fanatics to the headphone area, but once there we easily forgot about all the iron that was being pumped just outside.

Ken was showing off his new headphone amplifier, a joint creation between he and Vinny Rossi of Red Wine Audio.  Based on the circuit that is in Vinnies latest preamplifier, the Isabella, this amp is a winner for $1000.  It features dual headphone jacks (1/4-inch and mini), a stepped attenuator and of course is battery powered. Watch for a full review on the TONEAudio website very soon.  Impressive!

On the way out, we were the envy of all the workout queens as they looked longingly at our oatmeal-rasin cookies!