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US Premier! PMC’s new twenty.26 loudspeakers

For those of you that didn’t get a chance to see PMC’s new twenty.26 floor standing loudspeakers at the Munich HiFi Show, they are making a trip across the United States, with some help from PMC’s Mike Picanza and David Carr of The Sound Organisation – PMC’s US importer.

Their journey began in California, and I managed to catch up with the guys and the speakers here in Oregon at Chelsea Audio/Video, where the twenty.26s were expertly set up in a room approximately the size of my own reference room (approx. 16 x 24 feet) with a full complement of McIntosh gear.

A variation on the Fact series, the twenty.26 is the top of the twenty range, utilizing the same engineering concepts and voicing from their legendary studio monitors.  Picanza points out “the twenty series is designed specifically for the home environment, without a matching speaker in the studio monitor series.”

A quick listen reveals wide dispersion, coherence rivaling that of an electrostatic, and thanks to PMCs transmission line bass system, provides powerful, punchy bass response in a compact cabinet, available in four different finishes that should be at home in any listening room. PMCs hand made soft dome tweeter and midrange drivers make for crystal clear vocals and high frequency response.  The twenty.26s disappeared in the room, letting the music flow effortlessly.

Once this pair has made its rounds, TSO promises a pair for further evaluation.  But for now, this $11,000 pair of speakers is very impressive. Stay tuned. (US importer) (Factory)