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SVS Latest Bass Monsters!

In case you missed our review of SVS SB-16 Subwoofer, we were pretty excited about this massive, gloss black, low frequency machine. You can read the full review here.

However, if the SB-16 series is just a little bit too big for your environment, or a touch too expensive for your holiday budget, their new 4000 series is the way to roll. We compared the SB-16 series to the ZO6 Corvette. Hey, there’s no shame in getting a Grand Sport. Applying everything they’ve learned with the SB-16s, the new 4000 series subs offer all the functionality that made the bigger brother get so much world wide acclaim.

Priced from $1,499 to $1,999, you have a choice of the SB, which is smaller and has a sealed cabinet, the PB, featuring a larger, ported cabinet (along with the ability to go a few hz lower to 13hz instead of 19 hz in the SB) and the PC, which has a footprint of only 16″. (and it still goes down to 16hz) With maximum output in the 126-134db range, any of the new 4000 series will handle the most demanding music, movies or gaming situation. You can read the complete specs here.

Finally, the SVS DSP smartphone app works with these new subwoofers. As with any device, it’s all about interface, and SVS wins the day here – giving you control over more parameters from the comfort of your listening chair than any other. Party on, Garth. Watch for a review as soon as we can get our hands on one.