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Naim produces a turntable!

And, how cool is that?

Long known for their legendary ARO tonearm (which many Linn Sondek owners swear by to this day), amazing phono stages, and incredible power supplies, Naim has skated around the turntable thing for decades. No longer.

Teaming up with Germany’s Clearaudio to build their creation – which has been designed in its entirety by the Naim engineering team, the $20k MSRP for the entire package is truly a bargain, when considering everything included:

· Naim Solstice Turntable NVS TT – combining core Naim design philosophies, such as multiple levels of mechanical decoupling, with a celebration of beautiful materials. Features a magnetic bearing supporting a high-mass, highly polished aluminum platter, with a unique, self-calibrating motor drive system, meticulously delivering the Naim sound.

· Naim Aro Tonearm – retaining the original’s design principles and excellence but boosting performance further still by using improved materials – including tungsten and carbon-fiber – and adding an all-new, no-compromise bias, arm height and azimuth adjustments.

· Naim Equinox MC Cartridge – featuring a microline stylus shape – closer to the original cutting lathe head to enable the retrieval of accurate high-frequency information – and a boron cantilever, a stiff-but-light design that faithfully transfers the stylus movements to the moving coils.

· Naim Solstice Series Phono Stage NVC TT – the first Naim phono stage to use DR technology, first used on the flagship Statement amplifier. Sophisticated, ultra-low-noise Class A design with dedicated MC and MM head-amplifiers.

· Naim Solstice Series Power Supply NPX TT – powers both the turntable and the phono stage. For the ultimate performance, these two different power supplies are completely isolated, with no risk of interference. Also uses Naim DR technology.

· Solstice Accessories Set – including Digital Stylus Gauge; Bubble Level; Hex Drivers (x3); Vinyl Adjustment Tool; Dust Protector and Cleaning Cloth

· Naim Records True Stereo album – a curated collection of superb-quality True Stereo recordings, newly remastered for vinyl by original engineer, Ken Christiansen.

· Solstice Special Edition Book – including insight into heritage, technology and design

As this will be a limited edition package, there may or may not be review units available. I doubt anyone is going to need encouragement to sign on the dotted line for this one! Considering this is a turntable, external power supply, world class tonearm, cartridge and phono stage all in one package, this represents tremendous value as well.