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Music Hall’s new PH25.2 Headphone Amp

The ph25.2 is tube hybrid headphone amp/pre-amp. It has 2 x buffered headphone outputs, 2 x inputs, tube pre-amp section, solid-state amp, and pre-output. Marrying a gorgeous sounding tube pre-amp with solid-state image002amplification has been a technique for achieving unequaled sound quality in hi-end component audio since the advent of the transistor. While kicking around ideas for our new headphone amp we thought, why not try this same technique in a single component? We built one up and were blown away by the increased detail, clarity, and presence the design offered. The tube hybrid headphone amp was born. Hand assembled using the highest quality parts available the music hall ph25.2 will have you singing along with your favorite artists. A full featured headphone amp in a beautiful and solid chassis.