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Major Update to AVID Acutus Reference Turntable!

My favorite turntable has just gotten better.  Much better.

Those reading TONEAudio, know that I have been using AVID’s Acutus Reference SP table as my reference for a number of years. For those unfamiliar you can read my original review here. A few years ago, on a visit to the AVID factory, owner and designer Conrad Mas took me to his development lab, showing me a prototype of his new power supply. The Acutus REF already comes with a power supply bigger than many power amplifiers, but he wanted more performance. The increase in performance over my table was staggering.

The “Mono” update is labeled thusly, because it now uses a twin mono design, with dual 1000VA power transformers and an individual amplifier for each coil on the drive motor. An even more massive amount of control of the platter is the outcome, resulting in wider dynamics, more delicacy on the high frequency side as well as greater bass grip and slam.

The “Mono’s” power supply is now in the same casework as their upcoming Mono power amplifiers, all due to be introduced at the Munich HiFi Show.

The Acutus Reference Mono SP Turntable will cost about $35,000 without arm, about $10k up from the last model, with current Acutus owners being able to upgrade for about $17k, keeping your original investment intact. We anxiously await one for full review. This could be the best buy in $100,000 turntables going. Except this one will leave you enough change from your 100,000 bill to go buy yourself a very nice pre owned Porsche as well.