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The new Fozgometer is here…

Musical Surroundings just announced their new Fozgometer V2 azimuth range meter, a unique tool to optimize phono cartridge azimuth for the best sound from your HiFi system.

To achieve the best performance, your phono cartridge’s azimuth must be properly calibrated. Today’s Line Contact and Micro Line styli have a very small groove contact area as compared to elliptical styli, thus requiring finer adjustment. Correct azimuth alignment assures the highest channel separation and best channel balance, providing outstanding sound and imaging.

The Fozgometer V2 incorporates a sensitive “Log Ratio Detector” to measure the channel separation and channel balance of your phono cartridge. It features higher sensitivity, greater accuracy, a new meter design, and AC or battery power for more accurate azimuth calibration.

The original Fozgometer was introduced in 2010 with almost 5,000 sold worldwide. We’ve used ours with excellent result. #toneaudioapproved.

For more information contact: [email protected]