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Big News From MartinLogan, Paradigm, and Anthem at ISE

Paradigm, Anthem, and MartinLogan are pleased to announce exhibition plans for ISE 2019 at the RAI in Amsterdam.

For four days in early February, the companies will showcase a broad range of advanced loudspeaker designs and cutting-edge audio electronics. Paradigm and Anthem will offer 2-channel and home theater demonstrations, MartinLogan will announce several new products, and Anthem will release details about the next generation of Anthem Room Correction (ARC) software.

For the duration of ISE 2019, Paradigm and Anthem are partnering with HTE (Home Theater Environment) and SIM2 to offer exceptional audio and home theater demonstrations. In a sound room, specially designed by HTE, Paradigm and Anthem will be demonstrating a 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos home theater system and a 2-channel audio system. Additional equipment used in the home theater demo includes SIM2’s new 4K projector and a projection screen from Screen Innovations.

Paradigm’s 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos demonstration system will feature the following products:

  • Persona 5F speakers and Persona C center channel speaker
  • Persona Sub and Defiance X15 subwoofers
  • CI Elite E7-LCR in-wall & E-80R in-ceiling speakers
  • Anthem AVM 60 audio/video processor
  • Anthem STR and MCA power amplifiers

Paradigm’s 2-channel demonstration system will feature the following products:

  • Persona 5F speakers
  • Persona Sub subwoofers
  • Anthem STR Preamplifier
  • Anthem STR Power Amplifier

In addition to products featured in the active demo system, Paradigm’s display will feature:

  • Details on the next generation of Anthem Room Correction software(a press release will be available on February 5th)
  • Persona loudspeakers
  • Prestige loudspeakers
  • Premier loudspeakers
  • Monitor SE loudspeakers
  • Defiance subwoofers
  • CI Home and CI Pro custom installation loudspeakers
  • Garden Oasis and Stylus all-weather custom installation loudspeakers
  • Anthem STR electronics
  • Anthem AVM 60 audio/video processor
  • Anthem MRX audio/video receivers
  • Anthem MCA amplifiers

MartinLogan’s display will feature:

  • A new line of CI speakers (a press release will be available on February 5th)
  • CLX Art full-range electrostatic loudspeakers
  • Renaissance ESL 15A hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers
  • Classic ESL 9 hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers
  • ElectroMotion ESL X hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers
  • Motion 60XT loudspeakers
  • Motion 35XT bookshelf loudspeakers
  • Dynamo subwoofers

HTE (Home Theatre Environment) is an Italian based company offering unique solutions to transform any room into a specialized entertainment environment, conjugating the technical demands with the design. The strong point of HTE lies in its ability to transform the environment, so it will be acoustically perfect, without compromising aesthetics, thanks to proprietary HAS Acoustic System. One of their 24-bit Performance Interior Acoustic Design will be presented during the show. For more information on HTE, please visit:

SIM2 is an Italian based company that designs and manufactures the world’s finest home cinema projection systems. Since 1995 SIM2 has designed outstanding products that offer the highest cinematic experience and perfect home integration. Premiering at ISE 2019, SIM2’s new NERO4 SD is a 6,000-lumen high-brightness DLP projector featuring the most advanced HDR video processing in the industry, a 4K compatible projection lens (capable of 92 line pairs/mm),  and a full DCI color space. For more information on SIM2, please visit:

Paradigm, Anthem, and MartinLogan will be located at booth #15 – T265.