26 Greg Petan

Originally hailing from Chicago, where he was “born to a jazz piano player in the 60s,” his earliest memories are of jazz greats of the day performing with his dad in the living room. A guitarist himself, Petan put down his axe to study painting and drawing, which led to a very successful career in commercial illustration. His first big paycheck had him down at Chicago’s Audio Consultants, where a life long habit of sinking all of his disposable income into hifi.

Shortly after marrying his wife Diane in 1994, he found himself in NYC, where he remains. A chance meeting with the editor of The Audio Adventure launched a new passion – writing about audio. In the 20 years since, he’s reviewed the best of the best, continuing to share his observations with as many of our readers as possible.

He fully admits to having a “rabbit-like” curiosity. Indeed.