Meaghan Smith

November 8, 2008 Berbati's Pan Portland, Oregon photos by Jeff Dorgay text by Jeff Dorgay

Artist web site: http://www.meaghansmith.com/

Meaghan Smith - Portland, Oregon

Meaghan Smith has definitely overcome her issues with stage fright.

Playing to a full house at Berbati’s Pan, she took charge of the stage immediately. Thirty seconds into the set her dreamy yet powerful voice had everyone in the audience smiling as they swayed side-to-side, many slow dancing out on the dance floor.

Make no mistake; Smith can belt it out as well, as she did on a few numbers, in a style somewhat reminiscent of Patsy Cline.  Playing all of the tunes from her current EP, The Cricket’s Quartet, she also performed songs from her upcoming album that is due out in February.  You can count on a full review as soon as it is available and we will have a brief article on Smith in the December issue of TONEAudio.

This was the second night of the tour and she will be out on the road for the next six weeks.  You can check her schedule at www.meghansmith.com to see where she will be playing next.  Smith ended the show telling us “we should all stay in touch, you’re such a great audience.”

Smith has just signed a four album contract with Sire Records, so you can expect to see and hear a lot more great things from this incredibly talented (and adorable) singer.  If you have been hankering for a great new female vocalist, don’t miss Meaghan Smith.