issue 89

issue 89

Cover Story

Approachable Analog


Old School:

Paul DeMara revisits the Walkman!


Pro-Ject Debut Recordmaster

Journeyman Audiophile:

Parasound JC3 Jr.
By Eric Neff

Aural Exam:

Stressing about Cables


Gig Harbor Goodies

Ortofon Headshells

Super Sneakers

Analog Magik Torque Wrench

and more….


Playlists:  We share our readers choices from around the world

Audiophile Pressings: The Rolling Stones Studio LP’s

Can’t Get it Out of my Head
By Emily Duff

Take Your Whisky Home

A new column by Roy Hall

Future Tense

Gold Note Integrated

Luxman belt drive table

Pure Audio Project Voxative Drivers

and more…

This Month’s Gear: Approachable Analog!

Rega P6

VPI Cliffwood

Technics SL1200GR

MoFi UltraDeck +

Channel Islands PEQ•1 Mk II

Musical Fidelity NuVista Phono

Tellurium Q Black and Black Diamond Phono Cables

Clearaudio Charisma v.2

Sumiko MM carts

Hana SL MC cart