Tomorrow the Herbaliser

Club Mix columnist Scott Tetzlaff is flying into town tomorrow to join us for the Portland showing of The Herbaliser at the Doug Fir Lounge. It should be a great show, so if you live in our neighborhood, drop by and say hello. Just look for the old gray haired guy in the bright yellow hoodie, that will be me! Read More »

The Man With No Naim

What can brown do for me? Find my Naim CD555, and pronto!

I was informed today, that my Naim CD555 player that was due to arrive today had not been entered into the UPS system since the 21st of this month and that they had no idea where it is or if I would get it anytime soon. Read More »

ITS Getting Better All the Time

After a solid week of play, and me getting next to nothing done, I must admit the MartinLogan CLX is quite amazing. Adding the Descent i subwoofer with one more on the way, I’ve got some more heavy lifting to go, but this is an incredible speaker.