Conrad-Johnson ART 150 Power Amplifier

For their 40th anniversary, Conrad-Johnson started shipping their new limited-edition, tube-based flagships, the ART150 stereo amp and ART300 monoblocks.

Over time we have had the opportunity to review C-J’s current lineup of amplifiers including MF2550 and MS2275 solid-state designs, and the Classic 62 tube amp. Each one has its strengths, but there is not a slacker among the bunch. The ART150, however, takes things to another level of detail and soundstaging with a very natural, and organic sound. It indeed won our team over, earning the TONEAudio 2017 Product of the Year in the amplifier category.

Using a tube compliment of four new-production Tung-Sol KT150 tubes and three 6922s, the ART150 produces 150 watts per channel, plenty of power to let most speakers sing. The ART150 shares a visual lineage with C-J designs past, what’s under the hood is all new. Every detail in this design was scrutinized by the C-J team, including proprietary transformers and CJD Teflon capacitors alongside carefully-chosen foil resistors and wire for the delicate signal path.

With such attention to detail and a legacy of stellar products, Conrad-Johnson has another big winner with the latest ART amplifiers. Our full review is coming soon, so you will be able to get all the details.