TONEAudio Magazine Issue 20

TONEAudio Magazine Issue 20

Cover Story

Michele Rundgren Interviews Daryl Hall


Quincy Jones: Leave Some Space for God
By Ben Fong-Torres

Old School: We Revisit the Audio Research SP3
By Marc Phillips

Budget Gear: Cambridge Audio’s DAC Magic
By Jeff Dorgay

The Vinyl Anachronist: Singing the Orofon Blues
By Marc Phillips

Tone Style

SIHH Watch fair
Ken Kessler Goes Watch Shopping in Switzerland

Canon EOS 5D Mk. II
The Sequel is Better

Elac’s Magic Cube
Pop Art Subwoofer for Your Desktop Stereo System

Magna Cart
Just Go Buy One!

The Meridian i80
iPod Dock for Your F80 Table Radio

Dual Level Pro
Level Application for Your iPhone

MartinLogan Purity
MartinLogan’s Compact Powered Floorstanders

The Adidas Adizero Adios
The Most Excellent Yellow Shoes You Will Ever Own

Primare DVD-i 10
An All-In-One 2.1 Media System

Rega’s Lime Green P3-24 Turntable
And it Comes in Seven Other Awesome Colors, Too!


Live Music: Fountains of Wayne, Cross Canadian Ragweed
and Supreme Beings of Leisure
By The TONE Staff

A Chat With Jon Auer:
Former Posies Guitarist Tells Us About His New Album and
His Approach to Songwriting
By Marc Phillips

The Return of Wild Man Fischer:
Stop Paying Big Bucks on eBay!
By Jeff Dorgay

Current Releases:
Fresh Releases in the Worlds of Pop, Rock and Jazz
By The TONE Staff

Audiophile Recordings:
Foghat, Crosby Stills and Nash, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes,
Stevie Wonder, Frank Zappa and Four SACD Blue Note Releases

Gear Reviews

Mighty Mite
The New Compact BPS Phono Preamplifier From Nagra
By Jeff Dorgay

Magnepan’s 1.6
A Panel Favorite
By Jeff Dorgay

The NAT Plasma R Preamplifier
Big Sound, Great Price
By Jeff Dorgay

The New HP Touch Smart Computer
Don’t Let it Fool You, It’s a Killer Music Server
By The TONE Staff

WLM LaScala Monitors
Understated Beauties
By Marc Phillips

Conrad Johnson’s New Sweet Spot
The New Classic Preamplifier and LP66 Power Amplifier
By Marc Phillips and Jeff Dorgay

Product Update:  Rega Elicit
We Test the New Internal MC Phono Stage
By Jeff Dorgay

Grado’s New Master 1 Phono Cartridge
Moving Iron Excellence
By Jeff Dorgay

The DeVore Gibbon Nines
They’re One Larger
By Marc Phillips and Jeff Dorgay

Headphone Planet
Rocking Out With the New Grado SR-60 “i” Phones
by Jerold O’ Brien


We Score a Vintage McIntosh Tuner, Cheap!