TONEAudio Magazine Issue 17

TONEAudio Magazine Issue 17

Cover Story

The Sound of Power by Bentley and Naim


Old School: The Krell PAM-5
By Jeff Dorgay

Budget Gear: A Current Classic:
The Rotel RX 1052
By Jeff Dorgay

The Vinyl Anachronist:
Exploring Eric Whitacre’s Advent 300
By Marc Phillips

Jerry Horton of Papa Roach
Talks About His Passion for HiFi and Working With
The B&W Society of Sound
By Jeff Dorgay

Jenni Potts
The Struggles and Hope That Influence Her Music
By Marc Phillips

Tristan Prettyman
A Chat With Country’s Bright New Star
By Kimberlye Gold

The Collector: Fantasy’s Reissues of
Mingus, Miles, King Curtis and Eric Dolphy
By Tom Casseli

Tone Style

The Bentley Continental Featuring Naim HiFi –
Luxury At Its Best
By Jeff Dorgay

Lyra’s Olympos Cartridge Unobtanium!
By Jeff Dorgay

The Leica M8 Analog Sensibilities
With Digital Convenience
By Ken Kessler

The Twang Bar King
Pick Up Your Clean T and Show Your Support
By Jeff Dorgay

David Lynch Signature Cup
Coffee With Intense Aromas and a Mission
By Jean Dorgay

Pulse Speaker Stands A Whitworth Design
By Jeff Dorgay

Kingston Technology 32 GB of Picture-Taking Heaven
By Jeff Dorgay


Audiophile Recordings: Remasters of Chuck Berry, The Byrds,
ZZ Top, Kansas and the Dead Can Dance Collection
By Jeff Dorgay

Current Releases: Fresh Releases in the Pop/Rock World
By Marc Phillips and Jeff Dorgay

Live Music: Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band, the Strange Noize Tour,
Peter Frampton and Boz Scaggs Grace the Stages of the Northwest
By Jeff Dorgay and Michael Kilfoil

Club Mix: A Selection of Female Favorites
By Scott Tetzlaff

New Jazz Releases from Eastwind
By Anne Farnsworth


Manley’s Massive Passive EQ Equally Effective for Work and Play
By Todd Sageser

The Lehmann Black Cube SE Phono Preamplifier
First Among Equals
By Marc Phillips

Mystere ia21 Integrated Amplifier
By Marc Phillips

Stirling LS3/5a V2 Speaker The Little Legend Revisited
By Randy Wells

The Channel Islands VDA•2 DAC
By Jeff Dorgay

Composite Products CF-2080 Keep Vibration at Bay
By Jeff Dorgay

The Nagra VPS Phono Stage A Perfect Balance
By Jeff Dorgay

The Audio Research PH7 A New Reference
By Jeff Dorgay

Headphone Planet: TTVJ Millett 307A and Lehmann’s
Black Cube Linear Amplifier
By Marc Phillips