Issue 97

Issue 97

Cover Story


Old School:

Jeff Dorgay continues the roll with Pioneer and bags an RT-701 Reel to reel deck


Michael Laurance samples the Bowers&Wilkins 607 speakers

Journeyman Audiophile:

We put the Linn Selekt DSM through its paces with multiple power amplifiers

The Audiophile Apartment:

McIntosh’s new MTI100 is a killer combination

Shanon Says:

Shanon breaks in the Hana ML cartridge
By Shanon Swetlishnoff

Mine: It Should Be Yours

Styling Shades

Snoop Dogg Loafers

Weinermobile AirBnB

Fielder’s Choice Wallet

and more….


ARC REF 160 Monoblocks

Conrad-Johnson ART 27A


Line Magnetic LM-45

VAC Sigma 170i Integrated


Playlists:  We share our readers choices from around the world

Future Tense

AVID Acutus Dark

Anthem MRX 520

Mikek Brooklyn + DAC

and more…

Cover Feature: Tubes

Jeff Dorgay reflects on the Prima Luna EVO400 Amp and Pre