Issue 76

Issue 76

Cover Story

Jason Isbell Stands With the Greats at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium


Old School:

The Paradigm Atom Speakers

By Jeff Dorgay

Journeyman Audiophile:

Graham LS5/9 Loudspeakers

By Rob Johnson

995: Sounds That Won’t Break The Bank

Dali Opticon 1 Loudspeakers

By Rob Johnson

TONE Style

iCarbon Skin for Mac Book Pro

Tile Bluetooth Item Tracker

MOCACare Heart Monitor

Atmosphere Soap

Zus Quick Charger

Ring Video Doorbell

Capitol Records T-shirt and Starwars Plate


Spin the Black Circle: Reviews of New Pop/Rock and Country Albums
By Bob Gendron, Todd Martens, Chrissie Dickinson, Andrea Domanick and Aaron Cohen

Jazz & Blues: Food, Cecile,Erik Friedlander and More!
By Aaron Cohen and Jim Macnie

Live Music: Jason Isbell at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.
by Bob Gendron

Gear Previews

Focal Sopra no.1

Vinnie Rossi Lio VR120 Power Amp

Paradigm Prestige 75f Speakers

JL Audio Dominion D110 Subwoofer


ProAc D48R Speakers
By Jeff Dorgay

Moon By Simaudio 780D Streaming DAC
By Jeff Dorgay

GamuT RS3i Speakers
By Rob Johnson

Rotel RC-1590 Preamplifier
By Mark Marcantonio

Quad ESL-2812 Speakers
By Jeff Dorgay

Ryan R630 Loudspeakers