Issue 72

Issue 72

Cover Story

Feickert's Fabulous Blackbird Turntable!


Old School:

Perreaux SM2 Preamplifier and PMF1150B Amplifier

By Jeff Dorgay

Personal Fidelity:

Woo Audio 234 SET Monoblocks

By Jeff Dorgay

995: Sounds That Won’t Break The Bank

VPI Nomad Turntable

By Rob Johnson

TONE Style

AudioQuests NightHawk Headphones:
The Ultimate Gaming Experience
By Jeff Dorgay

The Endeavor Belt

Wax Stacks Cubes

Pet Chatz

HiFi Racks LTD

The Classic VU Meter

The Stereo Mug

SNAPSHOT: Bono of U2 in San Jose by Jerome Brunet


Spin the Black Circle: Reviews of New Pop/Rock and Country Albums
By Bob Gendron, Todd Martens, Chrissie Dickinson, Andrea Domanick and Aaron Cohen

Jazz & Blues: George Freeman & Chico Foreman, The Bad Plus and More!
By Aaron Cohen and Jim Macnie

Audiophile Pressings: Next issue!

Gear Previews

Ortofon Cadenza Black Phono Cartridge

BAT VK-6 and VK-6SE Phonostages

AudioQuest SLiP 14/2 Speaker Cable


Naim’s Mu-so Tabletop system
By Rob Johnson

The Nagra Jazz Preamplifier
By Jeff Zaret

Bryston Mini-T Loudspeakers
By Andre Marc

Benchmark DAC2 DX
By Rob Johnson

The Feickert Blackbird Turntable
By Jeff Dorgay

Ryan R610 Loudspeakers
By Rob Johnson

From the Web

Dali Epicon 8 Speakers

GamuT RS5 Speakers