Issue 68

Issue 68

Cover Story

OPPO is the winner of TONEAudio's Product of the Year award!!!


Personal Fidelity:

Bowers & WIlkins T7:  The ultimate portable speaker

By Jeff Dorgay


The iPhono mini phonostage

By Richard Mak

Old School:

The Marantz 2215B

By Jeff Dorgay

TONE Style

The Wino:  Four Modern table wines from Portugal
By Monique Meadows

Sony Short Throw 4k Projector

QNap TS569 Pro

Nintendo Pokeball

Chocolate Guitars

Microsoft Surface 3Pro

Luchador Bottle Opener


Current Releases:

2014’s Best Pop and Rock Albums
By Bob Gendron

Jazz & Blues
By Aaron Cohen and Jim Macnie

2014’s Best Rock And Multi Disc sets
By Bob Gendron


VPI Classic 2 Turntable

Pass XA160.8 Monoblocks

Dynaudio XEO 4 Wireless Speakers


Benchmark AHB2 Power Amplifier
By Rob Johnson

Simaudio MOON 820S Power Supply
By Jeff Dorgay

MartinLogan Motion 35xt Speakers
By Rob Johnson

Rega DAC-R
By Jeff Dorgay

Plinius Inspire 980 Integrated Amplifier
By Rob Johnson

TONEAudio’s 2014 Products of the Year