Issue 62

Issue 62

Cover Story

The Rogers Phonostage is Stunning!


Old School:
Threshold CAS-2 Amplifier

By Jerold O’Brien

Journeyman Audiophile

Ortofon Cadenza Bronze Cartridge

By Jeff Dorgay

Personal Fidelity:

The Blumenstein Audio Orcas

By Jeff Dorgay

TONE Style

The Wino
Four From Spain!!

By Monique Meadows

The New Shape of Macintosh

By Chris Petrauskas

Keyport Slide 2.0

By Rob Johnson

Brian Eno Visual Music

By Chris Petrauskas

The BMW i3


Current Releases:

Fresh Releases in the Pop/Rock World
By the TONE Staff

Audiophile Pressings

Jazz & Blues
By Jim Macnie & Aaron Cohen

Snapshot: Pinetop Perkins
By Jerome Brunet


Franco Serblin Accordo Speakers

Conrad-Johnson MF2550 Power Amplifier

Musical Fidelity V-90 LPS Phonostage

From the Web

Rega Aria Phonostage

Coffman Labs Equipment Footers


Auralic Merak Mono Amplifiers
By Rob Johnson

Simaudio NEO 380D DAC
By Andre Marc

Vandersteen 1Ci Speakers
By Jeff Dorgay

Rogers PA-1A Phonostage
By Jeff Dorgay

Plinius Tike Network Audio Player
By Andre Marc

Anthem MRX 510 AV Receiver and Paradigm
Monitor 7 Speakers
By Rob Johnson