Issue 56

Issue 56

Cover Story

World Premier Review: Pass Labs Xs300 Amplifiers


Old School:
The Harman Kardon Rabco St-7 Turntable

By Jerold O’Brien

995: Sounds that Won’t Break the Bank
The Ortofon 2M Red and Grado Black1 Prestige Cartridges

By Jaime Lee Fritze

Journeyman Audiophile

Peachtree Audio Nova 125

By Mark Marcantonio

A Candid Conversation With Jason Isbell

By Andy Downing

Tone Style

Art Meets The Grape
By Monique Meadows

Cardas Earspeaker 1

Johnny Cash Postage Stamps

DEVO Throbblehead

The KISS Van

The Sentinel Loudspeaker

The Moo Mat

The iPad TP Holder

Ryobi P260 Impact Drill

Leica’s M Monochrom

By Jeff Dorgay


Current Releases:

Fresh Releases in the Pop/Rock World
By the TONE Staff

Live Music:
She & Him
By Bob Gendron

Audiophile Pressings

Jazz & Blues
By Jim Macnie


AURALiC Merak Power Amplifiers

Nagra 300P Amplifier

Audionet PAM G2 Phonostage

Boulder 865 Integrated Amplifier

Peachtree deep blue Bluetooth Music System


Light Harmonic DaVinci DAC
By Jacob Heilbrunn

Wilson Benesch Full Circle Turntable
By Paul Rigby

Coincident Statement Phono Preamplifier
By Jeff Dorgay

IQ Audio 300M Amplifiers
By Rob Johnson

Pass Xs300 Monoblocks
By Jeff Dorgay

AVA Ultravalve Amplifier
By Jeff Dorgay

Viola Bravo Amplifier
By Jeff Dorgay

Rogers EHF-200 Mk.2
By Jeff Dorgay