Issue 50

Issue 50

Cover Story

The New Look of Power From Furutech


995: Sounds that Won’t Break the Bank
Aperion Audio Veras Grand speakers
AudioEngine D2 Wireless DAC

By Mark Marcantonio

Journeyman Audiophile

An Onkyo Trifecta
By Andre Marc

Old School:  The Quad ESL’s
By Ken Kessler

Macro: Sound for Small Spaces
Audio Electronics Nighthawk
By Michael Liang

Tone Style

SoundCast Outcast Portable Speaker System
By Ben Fong-Torres

The iPad Mini: Oh Baby!

The Shredder Cheese Grater

A Charlie Brown Christmas – In Green…

In The Groove

Sushi Staplers

Iggy Pop Bobblehead


Live Music: Giant Giant Sand In Portland
By John Darko

Current Releases:

Fresh Releases in the Pop/Rock World
By the TONE Staff

Audiophile Pressings

Miles Davis, Aerosmith and The Beatles


KEF R-300 Speakers

Magico S5 Speakers

Sonus faber Aida Speakers

From The Web:

Cambridge Audio Azur 851C CD Player

Decware ZP3 Phonostage

German Physiks Unlimited Mk. II Speakers

dCS Vivaldi Digital Playback System


PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium CD Player
By Jeff Dorgay

Furutech f-TP615 AC Power Filter/Distributor
and PowerFlux Power Cords
By Jeff Dorgay

Peachtree Audio novaPre and Peachtree 220
By Andre Marc

Exposure 3010S2 Monoblocks
By Jerold O’Brien

Dynaudio Confidence C1 II Speakers
By Jeff Dorgay

Audio Research REF 250 Power Amplifiers
By Jeff Dorgay