Issue 36

Issue 36

Cover Story

Drive-By Truckers: Finding Salvation Onstage and In Song


Henry Rollins Speaks: You Should Listen
By Andy Downing

Live Divinations: A Conversation With Mastodon Drummer Brian Dailor

By Bob Gendron

An Interview With Roadburn Festival’s Walter Hoeijmaker
By Bob Gendron

Budget Gear: The Denon DL-103R Cartridge
By Jeff Dorgay

Journeyman Audiophile: Ortofon’s MC 20 Super –  The Return of a Classic
By Jerold o’Brien

Old School:  The Denon DP-62L Turntable
By Jerold O’Brien

Tone Style

Specimen Audio Horn Speakers
By Bob Gendron

Skooba Design iPad Messenger Bag


McIntosh EP1 Music Player

Bracketron Twist 360

Breitling For Bentley

The Beer Snob: Three Chicago Brewers You Should Know About
By Bob Gendron


Live Music: Drive-By Truckers and DEVO, with a Snapshot of Warpaint

Current Releases:
Fresh Releases in the Pop/Rock World
By the TONE Staff

Audiophile Pressings
By Lawrence Devoe

Jazz and Blues
Three new releases
By Jim Macnie


Naim DAC

Parasound JC3 Phonostage

MartinLogan ElectroMotion Speakers


The AVID Acutus Reference SP Turntable
By Jeff Dorgay

The Kiseki Blue NOS Cartridge
By Ken Kessler

The Luxman SQ-38u Integrated Amplifier
By Steve Guttenberg

CJ’s ET3SE: Baby GAT
By Jeff Dorgay

The SoundSmith Sussurro Paua
By Jeff Dorgay

The Ypsilon VPS 100 Phono Preamplifier
By Jacob Heilbrunn

Octave Phono Module
By Jeff Dorgay

Classics on the cheap