TONEAudio Magazine Issue 34

TONEAudio Magazine Issue 34

Cover Story

World's first review of the Estelon XA Speakers!


Gregg Allman: Soul Survivor
By Jaan Uhelszki

Jefferson Airplane: Remembered and Recorded
By Ben Fong-Torres and Jeff Dorgay

Budget Gear: The Furutech GT40
By Jerold O’Brien

Journeyman Audiophile: The Cary Xciter DAC
By Rich Kent

Old School The Conrad-Johnson MV 50
By Jeff Dorgay

Dealers That Mean Business Audio High in Mountain View, California
By Jeff Dorgay

Tone Style

TASCAM DR-2d Great digital portable

Ralph Lauren Sporting Collection

Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet: The Tablet Wars Commence

The iPlunge: Boost your iPod

The Beer Snob Three fresh brews for the holiday season


Live Music: Grinderman, The Raincoats, Beatallica and The Black Crowes

Current Releases:
Fresh Releases in the Pop/Rock World
By the TONE Staff

Audiophile Pressings
By Jeff Dorgay

Recording of Special Merit
Two New Recordings From Exhibit Records
By Jeff Dorgay

Italian Alternatives
Six to Explore
By Anne Farnsworth

A Classic from Keith Jarrett, The latest from Brian Eno, and a remix from Gwyneth Herbert


Conrad Johnson PH3SE Preamp

Nagra MSA Power Amplifier

Simaudio Moon i-700 Integrated


First Watt J2 Power Amplifier
By Steve Guttenberg

The Audeze LCD-2 Phones
By Jeff Dorgay

Chord’s QBD76 DAC
By Jeff Dorgay

EXCLUSIVE: The New Estelon XA Speakers
By Jeff Dorgay

PMC DB1i Speakers
By Todd Sageser

Ultimate Versatility: The McIntosh C500 Control Center
By Jeff Dorgay

EXCLUSIVE: First US Review, The New REGA DAC
By Jeff Dorgay
Classics on the cheap