Issue 117

Issue 117

Cover Story

The 300B Defined: ampsandsound Black Pearl

Cover Story

Redefining the 300B Sound:
ampsandsound’s Black Pearl


Old School: Direct Drive Nak: The MR-1
by Jeff Dorgay

1095: The SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer

The Audiophile Apartment: The Teenage Engineering OB-4
by Rob Johnson

Journeyman Audiophile: YG-Acoustics Cairn Speakers

Headphone Arts:  The Sendy Acoustics Peacock

Short Take: Swiss Digital’s Fuse Box

Short Take: Great analog tools from Hummin Guru

Mine: It Should Be Yours

Future Tense: Gear in our immediate future


Heretic AD612
Pass Labs INT-25 Integrated
Java HiFi Single Shot
Totem Fire Element V2


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