Issue 118

Cover Story

Raising the bar:
The new ART88 Preamp from C-J


The TONE Toon returns! : by Lorie Ransom

Old School: Audio Research CA50

1095: Great new Table from TEAC!

The Audiophile Apartment: Focal Vestia no.1 Speakers

Journeyman Audiophile: BelCanto’s Black EX Integrated

Cartridge Dude: Jeff and Chris listen to the PrimaLuna EVO100 Phono

Headphone Arts:  Back next issue!

Shanon Says! :  AXPONA 2023

Short Take: Tellurium Q Signature Digital Cables

Mine: It Should Be Yours

Future Tense: Gear in our immediate future


Peak Consult Sinfonia Speakers
PS Audio BHK 600 Monoblocks
Perreaux 200ix Integrated


Playlists:  We share our readers choices from around the world
Jim Macnie on Jazz
Audrey Medina – Merch tent/The T-shirt guy