Bel Canto Black EX Integrated

Sonic and Stylistic Excellence

We’re just winding up our full review of the Bel Canto Black EX integrated, and it’s been a great time. We’ve been listening to some fantastic integrateds lately, and this one’s at the top of our list. With 250 Watts per channel on tap (8-ohms, double into 4) you should be able to listen as loud as you ever need.

The Black EX is unique in the sense that even the analog inputs (MM and MC phono) are converted to high resolution digital and everything happens in the digital domain. This includes a tilt control, bass control and a high pass filter to fully optimize powered subwoofers.

Good as it sounds, the EX is compact and beautifully executed. The black finish and the quality of enclosure machining will look fantastic no matter what your décor. With everything on a single chassis, you can kiss that big rack of gear goodbye.

Please click HERE to visit the Bel Canto site and get the rest of the specs. The Black EX integrated has an MSRP of $15,500.