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Parasound’s new Halo P6 preamplifier

We are pretty excited about putting the new Halo P6 from Parasound through its paces. This is a component that a lot of audio lovers need at a very reasonable price.

For $1,599, they’ve built a true preamplifier/control center. This includes a MM/MC phono stage, a built in DAC and even an electronic crossover, providing discrete subwoofer and main outs, that are adjustable from the back panel. Throw in a headphone jack on the front panel (and switchable tone controls) and this adds up to a pretty kick ass combination.

Considering the extremely high value proposition that Parasound products have always offered, this is a lot of performance and functionality for what many would consider an entry level product. We’ll have a full review shortly.

For now, this link will take you to the Halo P6 on Parasound’s site.