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posted: October 20, 2009

Wolfmother’s Cosmic Egg Cosmic Egg

Interscope CD, LP
Wolfmother’s Cosmic Egg

If we lived in a parallel universe where Jimmy Page and Robert Plant took different paths and didn’t become Led Zeppelin, Wolfmother might be really cool. Unfortunately, in this universe, they are hopelessly derivative at best.

At least, on their sophomore effort, they manage to borrow from a few other sources. You can definitely hear some Wishbone Ash added to the mix, while I swear I can hear some recycled April Wine guitar riffs as well.

Texturally and sonically Cosmic Egg is a Super Big Gulp of Led Zeppelin Lite. In our litigious 21’st century society, I can’t believe the remaining members of Led Zeppelin aren’t dragging these guys to court or at least protesting.

Should you be a Wolfmother fan, I’m not done insulting you yet. The recording quality of this disc is pretty poor. Like Metallica’s Death Magnetic, Wolfmother’s latest is bright and compressed. I could cut these guys some slack if this was a meticulous recording, but alas it isn’t. Maybe in five years when the next Wolfmother album is released, they will find a voice of their own.

But hey, a bunch of my friends kids thought Wolfmother was really cool, until I played Led Zeppelin II

–Jeff Dorgay