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posted: February 25, 2009

Tim Hockenberry – Back in Your Arms Back in Your Arms

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Tim Hockenberry – Back in Your Arms

Sometimes the postman leaves gold in the mailbox. Brought to my attention by Mike Regan, the guy that used to manage Jacqui Naylor, I had a good feeling about this.

After a quick look at the jacket photo, I was not prepared for the voice on the disc inside.  Hockenberry looks a lot more like a movie star than someone with so much soul.  While he’s been compared to Joe Cocker, Hockenberry is a bit more accessible, without giving up anything stylistically.

Back in Your Arms is a mix of original songs and some pretty well known covers.  Considering the strength of Hockenberry’s originals, I hope that his next release is completely his own, this guy has more than enough talent to carry his compositions.  My favorite track was 100 MPH, a song about escaping a failed relationship.

What makes this record such a success is the way Hockenberry, bridges the gap between tugging at you emotionally without being corny, combining a great feel on the keyboard with the slightest touch of twang creeping in now and then.  To top it all off, the recording is very tastefully done, with a lot of air and depth, so the audiophiles in the crowd will dig this one too.

–Jeff Dorgay