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posted: February 25, 2009


The Parlor – Mob And You Were a Crow And You Were a Crow

Roadrunner CD
The Parlor – Mob And You Were a Crow

Their website claims “You better latch onto these guys now before they take over the world, blah blah…”

While not quite as texturally complex as Led Zeppelin, or as gritty as early Black Crowes these guys are definitely on to something.  They certainly come across as a lot more genuine than Jet, that’s for sure.

Looking more like the Allman Brothers in their early days, The Parlor Mob belts out the dozen tunes on this disc with enough feeling and great guitar riffs to keep any hard rock fan happy.

Who knows, if these guys had been playing clubs in England in the 60′s, they might have given Zep a bit of a run for their money?  But it’s one thing to make a good album; it’s another to write “Stairway”.  Keep these guys on your list and let’s see what they come up with next.

–Jeff Dorgay