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posted: August 29, 2009


The newest from Beatallica Masterful Mystery Tour

Oglio Records CD
The newest from Beatallica

Whether you’re tired of arguing about the infinite possibilities of the new Beatles’ box sets or just need a change of pace, Beatallica’s Masterful Mystery Tour is just what the doctor ordered.

Masterfully done, MMT combines the riffs and melodies from your favorite Beatles and Metallica songs, hence the name. Sometimes the band takes more liberty than others with the mashups, but if you have a slightly open mind, (the guys from Metallica have been quoted that they enjoy the music of Beatallica and have even helped them to negotiate with SONY to get access to the Beatles’ music) this will rapidly become one of the most fun discs in your collection.

The alternate song titles are most excellent, with “Fuel on the Hill” and “I Just Want to Choke Your Band” being my favorites. While many would be tempted to pass these guys off as a comedy act, the playing is consistently good throughout, and the blend of both bands sounds’ have been very cleverly done.

Beatallica’s Masterful Mystery Tour rules. You can find out more at

–Jeff Dorgay