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posted: February 25, 2009

Scott Weiland – Happy In Galoshes Happy In Galoshes

New West Records CD
Scott Weiland – Happy In Galoshes

Scott Weiland, the infamous front man for the Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver is back with a double solo album after what he describes as a “pretty tough year.”  With VR and his marriage unfolding this year, Weiland certainly has a valid reason to pour his heart out in the studio.

And it succeeds brilliantly. Happy showcases what a wide range of musical talents and influences have been floating around in Weiland’s head, going from the opening track “Missing Cleveland” with a Mott the Hoople feel, to the space rock groove of “She Sold Her System”, with a mambo feel in “Killing Me Sweetly”, and that’s only halfway through the album.

If you are expecting a record of STP or VR outtakes, forget it. Happy is the record Weiland made in between other projects and is much more diverse.  I truly hope he can keep his career on track, because Scott Weiland could be the next Bowie, he’s definitely got the vision, the chops and the sense of musical style.  Ironically, the only track I didn’t care for on the disc was his cover of Bowie’s “Fame”, it just isn’t as strong as the rest of the disc.  That should tell you a bit more about just how good Happy In Galoshes truly is.

Keep in mind that the only place you can get the full two CD set for now is Best Buy, so if you see it on the rack elsewhere, (and online at Amazon or iTunes) this is only the single CD version.