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posted: February 25, 2009

Sandro Perri – Tiny Mirrors Tiny Mirrors

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Sandro Perri – Tiny Mirrors

The proprietor of the Phonopolis record store recommended Sandro Perri’s, Tiny Mirrors album based on a couple of my other purchases like The Luyas and Beirut. This is one beautiful album. Sandro Perri has a vocal style similar in tone to M. Ward’s. Tiny Mirrors is a fresh approach for the artist whose previous albums were more dance/electro instrumentals.

You can’t get further from that, as Tiny Mirrors is about as acoustic and natural as you can get… A wonderful mix of jazzy guitar, retro organs, light and airy woodwinds, with internationally flavored percussion, all recorded in a wonderful atmosphere that comes across as clearly as any I’ve heard on record.

On Tiny Mirrors we get to experience Sandro’s elegant and authentic voice with arrangements provided by Perri and a cadre of local (Toronto) talented musicians who purportedly improvised most of the instrumentation.

While it can be difficult to hear how an improvised approach by an original artist manifests itself on unheard songs; but there’s one cover track on this album, Fred Neil’s, “Everybody’s Talkin’” that gives the listener an idea of how imaginative and unique Sandro Perri’s taste really is.

Track seven, “You’re The One” captures the vibe of Tiny Mirrors as one of those escapist/transporting albums with arrangements and instrumentation taking the listener to another time yet balanced with vocal and lyric styles as modern and distinctive as any today.

–Sandy Greene