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posted: February 25, 2009


Ry Cooder – I, Flathead I, Flathead

Nonesuch CD (limited deluxe editiion)
Ry Cooder – I, Flathead

Why buy a CD when you can buy a mini-novel to go along with it?

The deluxe edition of Ry Cooders latest endeavor is a gas, literally.  The deluxe edition comes complete with a 97 page story of adventure, intrigue, the songs of a band called Kash Buk and the Klowns and something to do with a very unique adhesive.  I won’t spoil it for you by saying any more.

It’s all kind of trippy in a way.  The songs mix the usual Ry Cooder coolness from his last two records along with some gravely vocals that are somewhere between Tom Waits and Cooder’s Little Villiage project.

The recording is very airy and etherial, with a lot of twangy guitars and Cooder’s son Joachim on drums.  If you enjoyed the tasty drumming on Buena Vista Social Club, there’s more to be found here.

Even if you don’t read the story (though you should, it’s quite fun), you will get more out of the songs if you give it a read.  Put your feet up with your favorite adult beverage and you should just about get through the story by the end of the CD.

–Jeff Dorgay