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posted: February 25, 2009

Queen Paul Rodgers – The Cosmos Rocks The Cosmos Rocks

Hollywood Records CD and LP
Queen Paul Rodgers –  The Cosmos Rocks

This has to be one of the most unlikely marriages in rock & roll, yet it works very well.  I’m sure as many people were as puzzled as I was, with the choice of Paul Rodgers as the new front man for Queen, but a quick listen of their live album Return of the Champions shows Rodgers more than up to the task; doing a phenomenal job balancing singing Freddie Mercury’s songs with respect while maintaining his own individuality.

After a successful tour, Rogers, May and Taylor are back with a studio release and while it says Queen + Paul Rodgers on the cover, this effort transcends all of them. The record begins with more of a bluesy feel on the opener, “Cosmos Rockin’” and “Time to Shine”.  The next few tracks have more of a Bad Company feel to them, and track seven “Call Me” is classic Queen all the way with Brian May pulling some riffs straight from Sheer Heart Attack and a heavy dose of the bands signature layered vocals.

Immediately the next track, “Voodoo” returns to this wonderful hybrid sound of Queen + Paul Rodgers, with an airy blues groove.  If these guys came on the scene today, they’d get a record deal on this cut alone, if no one knew who they were.

And that’s the magic of The Cosmos Rocks.  These are three brilliant musicians that haven’t run out of creativity.