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posted: January 20, 2011

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Miles Davis, Kind of Blue Box Kind Of Blue, 50th Anniv. Ed.

Columbia LP Box set
Miles Davis, Kind of Blue Box

Music lover and audiophile alike, I’ll bet you have more than one copy of this record, but here’s a few reasons for buying THIS version.

First, it’s pressed on blue vinyl, which is coolio in its own right.  Also included is a two CD set that includes the album in its entirety along with some previously unauthorized tunes and a DVD featuring a documentary about the making of this jazz classic.  If that weren’t enough, there is a wonderful book about Miles inside, along with some very nice photos and Miles’ personal notes of the recording session.

The recording quality is decent, but hardcore collectors will have a better version somewhere in their collection, but that’s not why you should have one of these on your record shelf.  The 50th anniversary box is a great presentation of the most famous jazz record in history, so you need one!

–Jeff Dorgay