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posted: May 26, 2009

Marilyn Manson’s new record is gonna get you. The High End of Low

Interscope CD
Marilyn Manson’s new record is gonna get you.

Few people are passive in their response to Marilyn Manson; most love him or hate him.

His latest effort, The High End of Low starts out slow with the etherial “Devour”, but as soon as the second track, “Pretty as a ($)” rolls, the tempo cranks up to the maximum, with a wall of sound dynamic that is not unlike your favorite Nine Inch Nails tunes.  Manson shows his sense of humor in the chorus of track three when he sings “whatever doesn’t kill you is going to leave a scar” and again on “Wow” when he says “or else is a pretty stupid fucking thing to say to someone like me.”

Overall, the record has a very spacey, ethereal feel and is only slightly compressed on the most dense passages. There is a big, echoey vibe throughout and I could see this record being the soundtrack to the next blockbuster scary movie on the horizon.  Say what you want, Manson is fantastic at creating a mood of supreme darkness.  Even though this record is a little bit slower paced than Manson’s last, there is still a huge helping of bone crushing riffs throughout; just when you think it’s getting a bit soft, you’re pounded back into your chair again.

Manson was recently quoted, saying he feels that this record is “a new beginning for him and somewhat optimistic.”  The High End of Low is still a dark ride, but one with some bright spots.  If you love MM, you need to add this disc to your collection.  If you hate him, this might be a good time to give MM another try.  This is a great record.

–Jeff Dorgay