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posted: February 25, 2009

Holyhail – Independent Pleasure Club Independent Pleasure Club

Kanine Records CD and LP
Holyhail – Independent Pleasure Club

The only thing we know about Holyhail right now is that they are from Brooklyn, NY and their MySpace page lists The B52′s, The Tom Tom Club and Sly and the Family Stone as a few of their influences.

I’d call Independent Pleasure Club a lot more Tom Tom Club than Sly, with a heavy dose of 80′s techno and even a few drops of my favorite band from that period, Gruppo Sportivo thrown in, especially on the third track “Peep Show”.  But Holyhail makes it 21st century by mixing in a heavy dose of great samples to keep the party moving right along.

Bottom line, this record is a ton of fun that will hook you immediately with its killer synthesizer riffs, clever lyrics and high energy. All of my daughter’s friends wanted to know where I got this one. Don’t let the bouncy rhythms fool you though, when you listen to this disc a second time, there’s some great social commentary lurking underneath.  IPC is like the Simpsons; it’s so cleverly crafted that you can enjoy it regardless of how deep you want to go.