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posted: December 12, 2009

halford 3 winter songs Winter Songs

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halford 3 winter songs

If you’re dreading the family get together during the holiday season and the lame holiday music played during these events even more, slip a copy of Rob Halford’s latest, Winter Songs in your coat pocket and surprise the hell out of Grandma after everyone’s had a few drinks and no one’s guarding the CD player anymore.

For those of you that might dismiss this as another “heavy metal” Christmas album, the Judas Priest frontman shows that he’s got a sensitive side too. If you really want to catch the fam off guard, start with the title track, “Winter Song.” It’s just slow enough that no one will guess that you’ve got another thing coming. Then skip to the opening track, “Get Into the Spirit.” The Priest scream that we all know and love is right there on the first chorus, “Get into the spirit, reach up to the sky….raise your spirits high.”

Winter Songs is a great mix of holiday songs that features something for everyone, and isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

You’re only fourteen bucks away from holiday boredom. Go for it.

–Jeff Dorgay