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posted: February 25, 2009

Don Caballero – Punkgasm Punkgasm

Relapse Records CD and LP
Don Caballero – Punkgasm

I heard this one the other day searching through the LP’s at Music Millennium, thinking it was a compilation of some unreleased King Crimson material.  When I asked the enthusiastic guy behind the counter what this was, he smiled and told me all about DC.  This is why it’s so much more fun to buy music at a record store than on iTunes!

Referred to by many as a “math rock” band, I’d call Punkgasm straight up prog, and a damn good example of the genre. Having been around in a few incarnations since 1991, the current lineup consists of original drummer Damon Che Fitzgerald, guitarist Gene Doyle and bassist Jason Jouver; both who have been with the band since 2003.

While Punkgasm is a guitar based record, there are a few vocal tracks, and other musical textures along with some great horn bits sprinkled in.  And it wouldn’t be a cool prog record without obtuse song titles like “Why is the Couch Always Wet?” “Who’s a Puppy Cat” and “The Loudest Shop Vac in the World.”

Forget about trying to label these guys and just buy their record.  It rocks.