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posted: February 25, 2009

Destroyer – Trouble in Dreams Trouble in Dreams

Merge Records CD
Destroyer – Trouble in Dreams

Another one of those random (but good) accidents, I recently picked up Trouble In Dreams.  Research revealed that Destroyer has been at it since 1996 and this is their eighth full length recording.

It’s a very unique album with singer/composer Dan Bejar’s talking/storytelling delivery on top of some very cool musical textures. With very few vocal hooks or repeated choruses, Trouble in Dreams is more like a series of short stories.

The album’s one single, “Foam Hands” is the closest to a traditional pop song with background vocals, memorable chorus lines and a glorious string arrangement.  Bejar’s lyrics are quite interesting along with some tight musical arrangements.  My favorite track is aptly titled “My Favorite Year” with clean, shoegazing style echoing guitars and rolling drums.

Encountering a band mid or late career usually entices me to reach into their previous work, but Trouble in Dreams was enough for me.  I’ll just enjoy it for what it is.

–Sandy Greene