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posted: December 23, 2009


Dana Detrick – Too Cool for the Yule Too Cool for the Yule

Serious Vanity CD, MP3 Download
Dana Detrick – Too Cool for the Yule

I’m not sure how I bumped into Dana Detrick, but when I perused her website, Serious Vanity Records, I was instantly impressed by the samples I heard of her latest project, Too Cool for the Yule. Always on the lookout for great Anti – Christmas albums and cool last minute things to spice up the holiday, this one belongs on the top of your list.

Even if this wasn’t a “Christmas” album, it would stand up because Detrick has a great voice with a tremendous range. One minute, she sounds sort of like Sade (“Soulstice”) and then the next she sounds like Patti Smith, with a little Chrissie Hynde thrown in (“A Christmas Spark”). And there’s still ten tracks to go. By the look of the video clip on her website, she plays a mean guitar as well.

What’s not to like?

But what makes Too Cool for the Yule stand out is Detrick’s great sense of humor. Her lyrics are witty and never cross the line past clever to stupid. And the snotty audiophile in me has to admit that the MP3′s I downloaded even sounded damn good. So download this one right now, turn it up loud and have a blast at Christmas.

-Jeff Dorgay