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posted: May 6, 2009

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Bob Dylan – Together Through Life Together Through Life

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Bob Dylan – Together Through Life

Bob Dylan said in a recent Rolling Stone interview that journalists don’t understand him and after reading a few reviews of his newest album, Together Through Life, I can sympathize with him.

Here’s the bottom line:

Bob Dylan is one of the coolest cats ever.  Who am I to dissect this man who’s been making great records since my childhood?  Sure, his voice is a bit more gravely since Modern Times, but this record really swings and it sounds great.  I highly suggest the Deluxe Edition, which includes a CD and LP.

Dylan claims that this record was inspired by the sound of the classic 1950′s Chess and Sun recordings; it certainly has a big, warm, round sound to it.  And the tunes within are kind of upbeat and even romantic, which is an interesting twist, but there I go trying to analyze it!

Take Together Through Life home and enjoy it.  Don’t bother trying to figure Bob Dylan out.

–Jeff Dorgay