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posted: March 13, 2009

Papa Roach Metamorphosis

Geffen CD
Papa Roach

Papa Roach stays true to the title of their latest album Metamorphosis, and have become if not a different creature since their last album, certainly one that has evolved to a higher level.

If you haven’t experienced this band, they excel on the stage with an energetic performance that wowed fans on last year’s CrueFest.  As good as The Paramour Sessions was, it didn’t quite capture the intensity that Papa Roach is fully capable of.

Metamorphosis comes a lot closer to that feel.  Jacoby Shaddix vocals are much stronger and lead guitarist Jerry Horton’s playing has picked up more nuance and texture than on their previous albums.

Best of all, this is a metal record that sounds good.  When I talked to Horton last year after they played Portland, he mentioned that  he and the boys all have great hifi systems at home now (thanks to becoming members of B&W’s Society of Sound), so they would be paying even closer attention to the finished product on this release. They kept their word, and this record sounds great when you turn your stereo up to 11.

It  wouldn’t be a great rock record without a few punches thrown at relationships, especially in  ”I Almost Told You That I Loved You”, when Shaddix screams, “I almost told you that I loved you, thank God I didn’t cause it would have been a lie.”  In “Live This Down” when he says “I never think about you, when I sleep with all of your friends” you feel the conviction of someone who’s been crossed by the fairer sex more than once.

The next few tunes are the slower ones on the album, but Papa Roach finishes the record hard with “State of Emergency”, showing serious maturity without losing the edge that makes them such a great band live.

–Jeff Dorgay