Q-Nap TS569 Pro NAS

Even if you’ve hopped on the streaming bandwagon, chances are you still have a pretty major collection of CD’s, digital downloads and ripped files, and they need to be backed up somewhere.

The Q-Nap comes highly recommended by all of our more nerdy friends for ease of use, flexibility and quick setup.  Just plug the drives you need in the five bays and roll.  We suggest going with five drives and formatting as a Raid6 array, so that up to two drives can fail without data loss.  The one we use at TONEAudio uses five 3TB drives, making for a 9TB array that has no data loss with two of the five drives down.  The likelihood of three drives failing at the same time is very slim, so it’s safe to say that a NAS configured thusly will not need additional backup.

Though the Q-Nap is very quiet, the crazed audiophiles in the crowd will want to hide it away, outside of the listening environment.  Its compact form factor will fit anywhere, the only requirement being power and a network connection.  It’s amazing at how the prices on premium storage have plummeted, so there’s no excuse not to move your data to one of these! – Jeff Dorgay

Q-Nap TS569 Pro

About $800